Power supply

An on-site coal-fired 3x6 megawatt power plant located at the UHG site serves as a main source of power for the Company’s CHPP operations and other facilities at the mine site. The power plant was built by MMC in 2011 and provides power to the surrounding communities in addition to powering the mine complex. The UHG power plant incorporates the latest technological solutions including circulated fluidized bed technology and air-cooling system which uses 4-5 times less water compared to traditional water-cooling systems.

Umnugobi aimag was connected to the nation’s central grid in 2013, which serves as an additional power back-up source for the Company operations.

Water supply

To support the operations of its CHPP and its production capacity expansion, MMC completed construction of and commissioned the initial stage of a water supply facility in 2011. The facility is fully operational and has 117 liter per second capacity. The water supply system incorporates 12 boreholes, 90 km underground pipeline network and 2 reservoirs with 60.000 cubic meter total storage capacity.

Based on the findings of its hydrogeological exploration work and technical study of the Naimdain valley area located approximately 50 km north of the UHG mine, MMC completed construction work in 2014 and further expanded its total water supply capacity to around 200 liter per second.