MMC is committed to stringent occupational health and safety standards and practices, and strives to create an incident-free work environment at each and every stage of our operation. Our integrated Health, Safety and Environment (“HSE”) Policy ensures that we constantly strengthen our company-wide safety communication and remain committed to our principle of “Zero Harm” to our people and host communities as well as minimal adverse impact on the environment. Our HSE Management System (“MS”) and processes are designed to provide our employees and contractors the necessary directions to practise safe work behaviours and make each individual accountable for the implementation of the policies and its accompanying elements, rules and procedures. We have a formally approved HSE structure and HR in place to ensure the continual improvement of the HSE MS according to the requirements of ISO 14001:2015 and OHSAS 18001:2012 standards.

We work to ensure that the HSE MS is implemented throughout the entire life-cycle of our project and involves all of our contractors, sub-contractors and suppliers. Our business units periodically review their management systems against corporate standards and are responsible for integrating sustainability issues into day-to-day operations, project development and decision-making.

In line with our Occupational Health and Disease Policy, we identify positions that are exposed to occupational hazards according to regulatory requirements and we focus on the prevention of infectious disease and occupational illnesses especially among our site based employees. In addition, we work to increase awareness and knowledge of disease and hazard prevention through training and awareness campaigns. We have 24/7 stand-by medical team and rescue teams work on-site to ensure that any accidents and emergencies are responded to as quick as possible. MMC also provides free medical examinations for its employees, including annual examinations, and occupational health examinations.