Our mission

To undertake safe and profitable mining and processing of mineral resources while promoting the development of Mongolia, through combining modern technology with human endeavor

Our vision

We will strive to become a leading mining company in the region by maximizing value for our shareholders and for the communities where we operate

Our values and objectives

We recognize that people are our key asset. Therefore:

MMC makes the safety of our personnel the highest priority

As a responsible employer, MMC provides equal employment opportunities within a meritocratic workplace

We believe that modern and cost-efficient technology will bring sustainable growth and prosperity. Therefore

MMC aims to use technology and innovate in the same to make quality products safely at the lowest cost

MMC will contribute to the development of technical standards in the global extractive industry

We are committed to environmental sustainability in our operations. Therefore:

MMC will strive to minimize the impact on the environment

MMC will comply with all required environmental standards, and take further measures to prevent and mitigate potential 
environmental impact

We are committed to socially responsible mining practices. Therefore:

MMC will strive to build mutually beneficial relationships with local communities and officials

MMC will contribute to social development through community development initiatives and other programs

We are committed to transparent and fair business practices. Therefore:

MMC will foster mutually beneficial relationships with our suppliers and contractors

MMC will develop, maintain and value long-term relationships with our customers

We believe sound corporate governance is a cornerstone of MMC’s management and operations. Therefore:

MMC will comply with the best international practices 

MMC will cultivate a culture of corporate governance as an integral part of its ongoing organizational development