Battsengel Gotov

Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Gotov was appointed as an Executive Director of the Company in May 2010. Dr. Gotov was awarded a master’s degree in science and a PhD in organic chemistry by the Comenius University, Slovakia. Having started his professional career as an Assistant Professor at the Comenius University, Dr. Gotov worked in highly successful projects both in Mongolia and abroad. Since 2004, Dr. Gotov served at various managerial positions within the MCS Group of companies.

Dr. Gotov joined the Group in 2008 as Chief Executive Officer of Energy Resources LLC and was instrumental in successful transformation of the Group’s operations from a green field project to a fully-integrated coal mining, processing, transportation and marketing platform.

Dr. Gotov is a board member of the Mongolian National Mining Association and the Mongolian Coal Association, and is also a member of the Mongolian Mineral Resources Policy Council.

Oyunbat Lkhagvatsend

Deputy Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Lkhagvatsend was awarded a bachelor’s degree in law from the National University of Mongolia. He underwent executive trainings held by the Michigan Business School in 2004.
Mr. Lkhagvatsend has more than 15 years of experience in the business sector of Mongolia, holding senior positions in private sector of the country. He joined Energy Resources LLC in 2008, served as Vice President and Chief Logistics Officer before promoted to Deputy Chief Executive Officer’s position on May 9, 2013.
He was instrumental in development and execution of Company’s strategy to develop its own coal transport and logistics operations and infrastructure, including successful execution of the construction project for 239-km long heavy haul road between UHG and GS.

Ulemj Baskhuu

Chief Financial Officer

Ms. Baskhuu holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Mercer University, USA.

Prior to joining the Company, she worked for major banks in various senior positions, such as Director of Financial Institutions at the Trade and Development Bank of Mongolia and Head of Investment Banking at Khan Bank. In December 2008, Ms. Baskhuu joined the Company as Vice President responsible for Finance and Investment, and was appointed as Chief Investment Officer of the Company in November 2011. She was re-designated and appointed as the Group’s Chief Financial Officer on August 27, 2013.

She was instrumental in the Group’s activities to finance its growth and expansion, for example securing the funding of USD180 million from EBRD/FMO/DEG in 2010, USD400 million from Standard Bank in 2011 and successful issuance of USD600 million 5-year Guaranteed Senior Notes in 2012, which was the first 144A issuer from Mongolia.

Uurtsaikh Dorjgotov

Chief Legal Officer

Ms. Dorjgotov holds a master’s degree (LMM) from the University of Waikato, New Zealand, with a concentration on competition and commercial law, and also a Diploma of Lawyer with Distinction from the University of Irkutsk, Russia.

Prior to joining the Company, Ms. Dorjgotov worked as a Director of Legal and Administration Department and Chief Legal Counsel of MCS Holding LLC. She also worked for 6 years on the USAID-funded Mongolia Privatization Program of Barents Group of Bearing Point, Inc. as In-House Lawyer and for 9 years at the Prosecutor General’s Office of Mongolia as a Supervising Prosecutor.

Baasandorj Tsogoo

Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Tsogoo is a graduate of the Agricultural University of Irkutsk, Russia and holds his master’s degree from the National Academy of Governance, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. Since 1994,

Mr. Tsogoo served at various managerial positions within the MCS Group of companies and worked in highly successful projects in Mongolia such as Taishir hydropower plant project.

Mr. Tsogoo joined the Group in 2009 as Chief Executive Officer of Ukhaa Khudag Water Supply LLC and was instrumental in successful completion of the water supply project which involved water resources exploration, construction and commissioning of industrial water supply facilities. 

From 2015 he served as a Vice President and Head of Site Infrastructure and Services and was promoted to the Company’s Chief Operating Officer position responsible for site operations, in January 2017.

Tuvshinbayar Tagarvaa

Chief Marketing Officer

Mr. Tagarvaa holds a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in business administration from the Institute of Finance and Economy, Mongolia. Since 2003, Mr. Tagarvaa served at various managerial positions within the MCS Group of companies.

Mr. Tagarvaa joined the Group in 2011, as an Executive General Manager for Transportation and Logistics and was instrumental in the successful implementation of the Company’s efforts to improve efficiency in transportation and to reduce the transportation and logistics costs while ensuring stabile supply of coal products exported by the Company.

From 2014, he served as an Executive General Manager for Sales Administration and in was promoted to the Company’s Chief Marketing Officer position responsible for transportation, logistics and sales operations in April 2017.

Bayarmaa Bazar

Chief Audit Executive

Ms. Bazar joined Energy Resources LLC in 2009 and served as the Executive general manager on numerous infrastructure and business projects of the Company. She was appointed as the Vice President and Chief Audit Executive of the Company in January 2021. 

Ms. Bazar holds a bachelor’s degree in economic data processing from the Engineering and Economics Institute of Kharkov, Ukraine and a master of commerce degree in information systems from Curtin University of Technology, Perth, Australia. Prior to joining the Company, Ms. Bazar held responsible positions at various subsidiaries of MCS Group. 

With over 15 years of experience in project management and related fields, Ms. Bazar has been involved in a number of national level projects including the government treasury system and rural VSAT network, etc.