With its Coal handling and preparation plant (“CHPP”) in operation at UHG since 2011, MMC is the first washed coal producer of the country. The CHPP, the first of its kind in Mongolia and set to be one of the largest coking coal processing plants in the world, enables the Company to boost its potential to compete in the world market by producing value-added coal products. While specifically designed to maximize the coking coal product yield, the CHPP is a customized solution for continuous production and reliable use in the remote and environmentally challenging Gobi region.

The first and second modules of the CHPP commenced commercial operations in 2011 and 2012, respectively. MMC’s total name-plate ROM coal processing capacity reached 15 Mtpa by the successful commissioning of the plant’s third module in 2013.

The CHPP was designed and built by Sedgman from Australia, one of the world leaders in coal processing and material handling technology. The plant’s highly-automated, cutting edge technology allows substantial water-recycling making it an optimal environmental solution. A Belt Filter Press facility which was put into operation at the CHPP in 2013 allows the Company to double the rate of discharged water recovery compared to the traditional system of tailings dam reclamation thus reducing both environmental footprint and operational cost.